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IELTS Personality Vocabulary

در این پست آموزش آنلاین زبان انگلیسی از تیچر رجایی ، لغات مرتبط با “شخصیت افراد” را در مباحث مهارت های آیلتس را مورد بحث قرار می دهیم.

در طی آزمون اسپیکینگ آیلتس  ، ممکن است از شما خواسته شود که درباره شخصیت یا شخصیت شخصی صحبت کنید.

سؤالات و پاسخهای مربوط به سبک آیلتس را در زیر بخوانید و به عبارات پررنگ توجه کنید.

از قسمت “معانی” در پایین صفحه استفاده کنید تا معنی عباراتی را که نمی دانید بررسی کنید.


IELTS Personality Vocabulary



Part 1-style questions

Examiner: How would you describe yourself?
Paula: Everyone tells me I take after my mum as I’m quite laid-back … I think I’m good company but you should ask my friends if they agree …

Examiner: In which ways are you similar to your friends?
Manuel: I seem to be attracted to introverts … not people who are painfully shy but most of my friends are a little reserved … and I think that’s what I’m like …

Examiner: Are you similar or different to your brother(s)/sister(s)?
Mira: I think my brother and I are very similar … I’d say we’re fun-loving and tend to be a bit extroverted … my brother is certainly the life and soul of the party … I’m not sure that applies to me …

Part 2-style task

Describe a teacher you once had who you enjoyed being taught by. You should say

  • who this person was
  • when they were your teacher
  • which subject they taught you

and describe what it was about their character that you liked.

Carolina:  I’d like to describe my English teacher from school … Miss Thomas … this was a few years ago now and she was my teacher at a time when I was getting a little bored with being at school … unlike some of the other teachers Miss Thomas never lost her temper … she was very calm and easy-going … she was also very broad-minded … we were able to ask her questions about lots of subjects that some other teachers would refuse to discuss which made us respect her even more … she had a great sense of humour too … she’d laugh at our jokes as well as making us laugh … and she would also bend over backwards to help us with our work … she always put us first and often stayed around at the end of class to talk with anyone who needed help … apparently she was highly respected within her field but you would never know as she was the type that hid her light under a bushel … she was very modest and self-effacing … so yes … Miss Thomas was a teacher I have fond memories of …

Part 3-style questions

Examiner:  Which personal qualities do you think we most want to pass on to our children?
Martin: I certainly would want my children to be self-confident and self-assured … I really believe that people who feel good about themselves are in a good position to face what life has to offer them … and I’d hope they wouldn’t be self-centerd … but remembered to think about others …

Examiner: Which characteristics do you think are the least appealing in a person?
Marianne: Well … people who are very narrow-minded are difficult to get on with … it’s nice when someone is open to other people’s opinion and willing to think about their own views … and people who are two-faced can be a little irritating … relationships are built on trust and without honesty there’s not much left …

Examiner: Which personality types do you think are less likely to suffer from stress or anxiety?
Sol: Probably people who are thick-skinned … who don’t let people or problems affect them too much … and if you are fair-minded you’ ll be less likely to overreact to situations or be quick-tempered …

بخش معانی-لغات مرتبط با شخصیت

to be the life and soul of the party: شخص بانمک  ، کسی که مرکز فعالیت ها در جمع است

to bend over backwards: تلاش فراوان برای کمک به کسی

broad-minded: بلند نظر

easy-going: شخصیت آرام وبیخیال

extrovert: (شخصیت برون گرا (کسی که در فعالیت کردن در جمع خوشحال میشود

fair-minded: برخورد یکسان با همه افراد داشتن

fun-loving: علاقمند به خوش گذراندن

to hide one’s light under a bushel: نادیده گرفتن و پنهان کردن استعداد یک شخص

good company: لذت بردن از معاشرت کردن

good sense of humour: حس شوخ طبعی

introvert: شخصیت خجالتی

laid-back: عقب افتاده

to lose one’s temper: ناگهانی عصبانی شدن

narrow minded: کوتاه فکر

painfully shy: شخص خیلی خجالتی

to put others first: قبل از خودتان به دیگران فکر کنید

quick-tempered: زود عصبانی شدن

reserved: خجالتی

self-assured: اعتماد بنفس

self-centred: فقط به خود فکر کردن

self-confident: به توانایی یا دانش شخصی اعتقاد داشتن

self-effacing: خودنمایی کردن

to take after: رفتار یا ویژگی را از کسی به ارث بردن

thick-skinned:  به راحتی تحت تأثیر انتقاد قرار نگرفتن

trustworthy: قابل اعتماد

two-facedشخص دو رو

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